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Why Heels Are Better Than Flip-Flops (But Both Are Bad)

by Erik B on Jun 15, 2015

Many women can tell you that wearing heels is a pain in the neck figuratively and a pain in the foot literally. Being forced to balance and walk in a tip-toe causes a lot of stress on the feet. Summertime means flip-flops and many welcome the change of fashion, however this casual footwear can actually be worse for your feet!

Flip-flops by their very nature are flimsy and don’t offer any support to your feet at all. They don’t support the arches of your feet when walking and usually the material that most flip-flops are made of can’t adequately protect your feet. It seems like when it comes to both heels and flip-flops, closed-toe shoes are the best for quality foot health. For a full article about the dangers of flip-flops, click here:: Why flip-flops are worse for you than heels: They’re our favourite summer shoe. But doctors say they can cause infections, excruciating pain and permanent limps

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