Footminders® Orthotics Technology:
designed by podiatrists
after years of biomechanical research

Footminders orthotic insoles were developed by a group of podiatrists (foot specialists) to provide longitudinal and metatarsal support, and to correct posture and body biomechanics. Footminders orthotics greatly reduce over-pronation, preventing foot strain and injury while providing much improved walking comfort.

Footminders’ unique design and material composition provides the ideal combination of support and cushioning, resulting in ultimate walking comfort and effective relief of common lower body aches and pains.

Footminders Orthotics Technology

Footminders Orthotic Features:

Footminders’ orthotic insole technology features a variety of elements to help alleviate many foot health problems, and provide your feet with ultimate walking comfort:

  • Deep Heel Cup for ankle stability
  • High Arch for biomechanical re-alignment
  • Firm EVA base for support & durability
  • Soft Durapontex layer for cushioning & comfort
  • Metatarsal raise to relieve Ball of Foot pain
  • Heel Shock Pad for shock absorption at heel strike
  • Comfort top layer anti-bacterial, to keep feet fresh & dry

Footminders orthotic insoles:

  • come in a range of sizes for both men & women
  • are available in different models to suit various types of shoes
  • are odor-free and can be hand-washed
  • are ‘self-molding’ – they adapt to your foot shape after a short time wearing them