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Why Your Feet and Joints Hurt

by Erik B on Jun 02, 2015

Millions of Americans suffer from various pain in the feet and in the joints. Inflammation, arthritis, and wear-and-tear can contribute to the pain that prevents you from enjoying your life. Medications usually can only mask the pain and don’t address the pain. So what is it that is causing your pain?

There are a number of factors that could be causing pain in your feet and joints. If you are overweight, you are putting extra pressure on your joints and feet. If you are active, doing exercise without properly warming up can do some damage due to the lack of blood flowing through the joints. Even small things such as poor posture can contribute to your aches. If those issues are addressed, then you should visit your physician. For a full article on the common reasons your feet and joints ache, click here:: 6 Ways You’re Ruining Your Joints

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