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Reset, Reboot Your Feet

by Erik B on Jun 12, 2015

Whenever your computer is acting slow, buggy, or experiencing other problems, the first thing that is recommended is to stop, save, reboot, and restart their computer. It usually helps get things running again and ready for work. The same concept can be done with your feet.

Doing some exercises first thing in the morning can help restart your feet for better performance and decrease the chance of any foot pain that could carry up to your knees and back. By shifting your weight onto one side and slightly bending your knee, spreading your toes out wide, and doing other small stretches in the morning, you can get the blood flowing and your body ready for the day ahead. For more details and a full tutorial on how to reboot your feet, click here:: How to Walk in High Heels and Reset Your Feet with Barefoot Workouts and Yoga

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