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Letting Go of Fashion for Foot and Back Health

by Erik B on Jun 30, 2015

Do your feet feel tired and ache after a day at the beach? Perhaps your back hurts after a backpacking trip? Or maybe wearing those heels at the wedding felt worse than you thought? Flip-flops, backpacks, high-heels, a number of different fashion trends can unintentionally lead to chronic pain and problems.

Flip-flops offer no arch support at all for your feet and could cause tendonitis in the bottoms of your feet. High heels are commonly known to be a pain, but extended wear can throw your entire alignment out of whack due to the wearer straining her lower back, hips, and knees in order to maintain balance. Carrying a heavy backpack can also to lead to back and shoulder pain due to the additional pressure on the spine. It’s better to give up these things or use them sparingly in order to keep your feet and spine happy. For a full article on this topic, click here:: Skinny jeans and 4 other fashions that can be harmful to your health

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