Lower Back Pain: Common Symptoms and Causes

Lower back pain presents itself as a dull backache and tiredness in the lower back, especially after standing for prolonged periods. It’s a very common ailment, particularly with the onset of middle age and later in life. Many people consider lower back pain as a “normal” condition, and they just tolerate it, as long as the pain is not excessively acute, thinking that treatment may require complex medical procedures. However, this doesn’t always have to be that way, as there are simple solutions that may help alleviate this situation in many people.

Footminders Orthotics for Lower Back PainCommon Causes for Back Pain

A common cause for back painis simply poor body posture, especially while standing for long periods, working in front of the computer, or watching TV on the couch. Most people are not aware of their poor body posture, so correcting it is not so easy. It is not uncommons for poor body posture to stem primarily from foot problems. When the feet over-pronate (roll inwards), they often put the entire body out of balance.

Excessive pronation typically causes the legs to rotate inwards, and the pelvis to tilt forward. The result is increased spinal curvature and continuous tension on the muscles in the lower back, causing pain and discomfort in this important area of the body.Bad Posture and Orthotics Corrected Posture

Bad Posture and Orthotics Corrected PostureMany people who suffer from lower back pain after walking long distances or standing for long periods should consider their feet as a likely cause.

Back Pain Treatment and Relief

A recent study in the U.S. identified the nature of a person’s walk as a source of chronic lower back pain. The subjects, who all suffered from lower back pain, reported experiencing a 68% improvement in lower back pain reduction after being fitted with foot orthotics.

Footminders orthotics reduce excessive pronation, thereby preventing internal rotation of the legs and forward pelvic tilt. The body posture greatly improves and the tension on the lower back muscles is reduced, therefore relieving associated pain and tiredness.

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