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How Your Calves Affect Your Feet

by Erik B on Jun 23, 2015

Foot pain is one of the most inconvenient pains a person can experience. Virtually every activity whether it’s work or play involves walking or standing at one point or another. Some treatments such as shoe inserts, orthotics, or foot massages can cure the pain, but it might not work for others. Oddly enough, the problem might not be your foot. It could be your calves.

Tight calves can be a root cause to massive foot pain. If you think this might be the case, stretch your calves and, in a seated position, place a softball or lacrosse ball under your calf to massage it and loosen it. This could get you back up on your happy feet in no time. For more on calf tightness and how it can affect your feet, click here:: The Sneaky Reason Your Feet Hurt–And How to Fix It

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