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Stretching Exercises and Insoles with Arch Support for Heel Pain Relief

by footminders on Apr 17, 2009

Many people suffer from heel pain that is so severe that it may prevent experiencing many things in everyday life. Today, heel pain is a very common type of foot condition. The discomfort can start off as an annoying pain that you feel once in a while, and develop into an acute pain that is felt every day.  Sometimes, a hurting heel can go away on its own, but if left untreated, heel pain can get very painful.

plantar fasciitis exercises

Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

There are usually two places on the heel that people complain of pain: under the heel and in the back of the heel.  Typically, when people experience pain in the back of the heel it is related to wear and tear or inflammation of the Achilles tendon.  When people experience heel pain, it can be caused by a person stepping on a large stone or rock which bruises the heel, or it can be caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia.  A heel that is bruised from a sharp object will heal on its own over time. However, if the foot pain is a result of inflammation of the plantar fascia, there are a few things that need to be done to help, including plantar fasciitis exercises and orthotics.

The plantar fascia is the soft tissue under the bottom of the foot that connects the heel to the toes.  Under normal conditions, the plantar fascia is a flexible and strong part of the foot that allows the foot to carry our weight and helps us to maintain our balance.  If the foot is under abnormal stress, such as excessive body weight, repetitive movements from sports, age or compromised foot function, it can cause small tears in the plantar fascia. These microscopic tears typically appear near the heel bone, where they become swollen and cause pain. If this tissue is stretched over and over it can trigger the development of heel spurs. Heel spurs are solid growths on the heel that can cause much pain.

If you are experiencing heel pain, a recommended approach to assist in alleviating the stress on the fascia is to use orthotics and do heel pain exercises, which will make the bottom of the foot stronger as well. One of the common foot stretching exercises is to stretch the foot before getting out of bed.  The plantar fascia tends to tighten during sleep, which causes the strong foot pain that people feel as soon as they get up. By stretching the plantar fascia before you put pressure on it, you can help reduce the pain that you experience with your first morning steps.  Another useful exercise for stretching out the plantar fascia is to place a tennis ball or rolling pin beneath your foot and use your arch to roll it. As this becomes less and less arduous you can try standing up and doing the same exercise.

The next crucial thing to do is immediately put on a good pair of shoes and orthotics with firm arch support. This will help to cushion and support the foot arch and help to keep it from further damage.  If you use the proper foot stretching exercises and orthotics, you will see a great improvement in your heel pain. You should really pay attention to your body and if you are aware of foot pain, see a doctor as soon as possible. This will ensure that your pain does not turn into a more serious issue.

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