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Running Without the Pain

by Erik B on Jun 05, 2015

Running can be a great way to ease stress and stay healthy. However, as runners age and wear down their joints, many of them can succumb to plantar fasciitis, an ailment where the connective tissue at the sole of foot is overstretched or torn. It’s sadly very common, but there is treatment.

Stretch your calf muscles in the morning to warm up your feet’s arches and relieve tightness. Ice your feet twice a day for 20 minutes to reduce any inflammation. Lastly, take a golf ball and roll it under each of your bare feet for a half hour per day to help massage the foot by providing physical therapy. That and investing in a pair of well-fitting running shoes with orthotics from Footminders can get you back up and running. For more info on using home treatment to relieve plantar fasciitis, click here:: The Running Doc discusses treatment for a common ailment – plantar fasciitis

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