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Rise in “Razor-Blade-Like” Pain in Feet Could Be Due to Heels

by Erik B on Jun 22, 2015

As many women could tell you, wearing high heels is a hassle and a pain. However, women are willing to put up with wearing heels in order to appear elegant and chic. However, the rise in a particular type of foot pain in middle-aged women could encourage even the most fashionable lady to leave the heels at home.

Doctors are diagnosing more and more women with Morton’s neuroma, a condition that irritates the nerve running between the toes. When the nerve is disturbed it sends off an agonizing foot pain on the ball and sole of the foot, frequently described as “walking on razor blades.” Physicians recommend avoiding heels altogether or at least wear heels under 5 centimeters in height. For more information on Morton’s neuroma, click here:: High heels blamed for huge rise in agonizing foot condition compared to ‘walking on razor blades’

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