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Knee Pain in Kids!? Parents, Take a Breath

by Erik B on Jun 25, 2015

You love attending your kids’ activities. Soccer, basketball, softball, the list of the sports your kiddo partakes and game seasons gets longer every year. Sadly, many youngsters complain to their parents about chronic knee pain, causing concern. Most parents shouldn’t worry.

Many older children and teens can experience temporary knee pain due to overuse and growth spurts. Most symptoms go away after the teen or pre-teen’s growth spurt, but there are ways to deal with the pain in the meantime. Have your child do some extra stretching and use a heating pad on the knee to warm it up 15 minutes before a sports activity. After the game, place an ice pack on the knee and keep it elevated for 15 minutes afterward. After some time, your child should be able to get back into the game pain-free. For more on knee pain in children, click here:: Knee pain common in active kids

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