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Keep Your Feet Feeling Fine This Summer

by Erik B on Jun 01, 2015

Summertime gives folks more leeway when it comes to footwear. Sandals, flip-flops, and bare feet are often out in the sun during the day while high heels and loafers come out at night. Because of the variety of shoes, your feet could be susceptible to aches and pains, but there are some ways to keep your feet healthy and prevent foot, back, and joint pain this summer.

While it feels good to air out your feet with sandals and flip-flops, most of them don’t provide the proper arch support for regular wear. Try to wear them sparingly and definitely not when doing certain active summer activities such as hiking, basketball, or other sports. It might be worthwhile to purchase a pair of sneakers that will allow your feet to breathe during the hot weather, but also provide the arch support your need for walking and standing for long periods of time. For a full article on summer foot health, click here:: How to avoid aching feet this Summer

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