How Better Arch Support Can Help You Avoid Ball Of Foot Pain

July 13, 2009

High-heeled shoes have become a unique fashion statement on their own. However, when these types of shoes are worn regularly, a host of issues in our feet.  Common resulting problems include ball of foot pain (metatarsalgia), hammertoes, bunions, and arch support issues. As expected, the University of Maryland reported that uncomfortable shoes, especially those with a high heel, can both aggravate and cause foot and toe issues. Men also have to be concerned with the perils of uncomfortable shoes. Particularly stiff work boots or tight dress shoes can cause major foot problems. For both men and women, physical activities and sports can be a main factor in foot discomfort.

How Poor Foot Arch Support Can Cause Foot Problems

High heels are troublesome because they shift the body’s weight toward the front of the foot. This causes excessive pressure on the front portion of the foot as opposed to equally spreading the body’s weight throughout the whole foot. Poor cushioning can also add to major foot pain. Specialized structures and tissues in the foot help to prevent injury by supplying cushioning right where it’s most needed. Nevertheless, the foot is unable to accomplish this alone. Cushioning and arch support in the shoes help to rebalance weight and absorb the energy of activities such as walking, running, jumping, and heavy lifting.  Be sure to wear proper shoes with adequate cushioning and arch support.

Rigid shoes are another major reason why feet can develop painful conditions for men and women. In females, shoes with toe areas that are narrow or that squeeze the toes together, are the culprits for most foot irritation experienced. High heels also cause issues, since they do not provide the foot with enough support in the arch of the foot which can be a key reason for foot pain. For men, hard, flat work shoes can present their own set of of challenges. Supportive arches are not present in these types of shoes, so they are not good choices for daily footwear. The Mayo Clinic cites that poor choice in shoes can cause flat feet to develop, especially during repeated physical strain on the feet such as in athletic activity or lifting heavy things.

How Orthotics Can Treat Metatarsalgia and Improve Foot Arch Support

An effective fix to relieving ball of foot pain and poor arch support is through the use of orthotics. These are not regular shoe inserts found at the local drug store. They are made for any style of footwear, including high-heeled shoes. They give proper alignment and cushion for feet so they can perform optimally and stay free of pain.

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