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Graduated Compression Treatment for Leg Pain and Leg Health

by footminders on Nov 24, 2008

Your legs are among the most hard-working parts of your body; they, along with your feet, are responsible for supporting the full weight of your body.  In order to prevent the onset of leg and foot problems, you need to take good care of them, so here is some advice on foot and leg care techniques.

The heart pumps blood to capillaries, veins, and arteries throughout your body. Since your legs are far away from your heart, it has to work very hard to maintain the flow of blood in and out of this area. The legs have valves that facilitate the flow of blood to the heart and back. If you develop inflammation and you don’t address the problem, you will end up having problems with its valves, with the resulting insufficiency of the veins when the valves of your legs do not function properly.

The Development of Leg Inflammation and Leg Pain 

The problem arises when the valves absorb the supply of blood. The increased pressure will result in lessened circulation of blood, dilated veins, and valve malfunction.  As a result, you will feel stressed and fatigued. Your feet and legs will begin to swell, which in time may progress to leg pain and aching feet. The dilation of the veins may also lead to varicose veins.  If you do not tend to this problem right away, you will not be able to carry yourself properly if your legs and feet are not capable of functioning well.

Graduated Compression Treatment for Venous Insufficiency 

Resting your legs and aching feet at the right times is very effective for preventing further problems. After a day of hard work, you should prop up your legs on an elevated chair. This will help with the proper circulation of blood to the legs and the feet. When you sleep, you might also want to prop your legs with pillows or cushions to keep them elevated. If your legs feel tired, refrain from soaking them in water right away; it does not matter if the water is hot or cold.  The best thing to do is sit down and relax them in an elevated position.

Modern products like compression hosiery are other natural methods for keeping the legs protected. This product has gone through clinical trials to prove that it is effective when it comes to treating leg pain due to varicose veins and insufficiency of the veins. The graduated hosiery for leg compression is also capable of treating the symptoms of leg problems. Doctors have been prescribing graduated compression treatment to their patients for many years, especially those that are suffering from leg and foot pain.   It is also recommended that you wear orthotic insoles or shoe inserts in order to realign your lower limbs and reduce the number of pressure points in your feet.

The Effects of Graduated Hosiery for Leg Compression 

When it comes to the maintenance of your legs’ proper function, you need graduated hosiery. This product helps with leg pains by compressing surface veins. The hosiery keeps the diameter of the veins small, forcing blood flow to your legs’ system of deep veins. According to clinical trials, the controlled application of graduated compression to your legs’ lower parts increases the rate of blood flow to your deep veins. Because of this increase, you will be able to ease or cure the signs that come with the onset of venous insufficiency.

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