Pronation and Shoe Wear: Not What You Would Normally Think!

“If my shoes wear faster on the outside, does that mean that
I have the opposite of overpronation?”

Pronation and Shoe Wear

Not Really! Actually, most people, whether they over-pronate or not, strike the ground with the outside of the heel first; it’s part of our natural walking motion. It is what happens after hitting the ground that determines whether you suffer from overpronation.

This is a very important distinction that we need to make. Many people notice that their shoes wear out faster on the outside part of the heel, erroneously concluding that their feet roll outwards, instead of inwards. This leads them to believe that overpronation does not apply to them, and this could be a dangerous conclusion as far as their foot health is concerned.

It is completely normal for our feet to land on the outside edge of our heel first (heel strike). After hitting the ground, and as part of our normal walking motion, the feet roll inwards. In many cases, the more a person lands on the outside of their feet, the more their feet will roll inwards! This can result in extremely unhealthy walking motion.

In summary, the reality is practically the contrary of what many people believe: wearing your shoes out on the outside indicates lateral instability during walking, and it is often accompanied by overpronation.

On the right is a sequence demonstrating a flat-footed person walking normally: notice that the heel normally strikes on the outside first, and then afterwards the feet roll inwards!

orthotics and over-pronation

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