Knee Pain due to Chondromalacia or Patello-Femoral Syndrome

This type of condition presents itself as a sharp pain in the knee and a grinding sensation, especially when getting up or walking up stairs. There are a number of different types of knee pain, which is a very common ailment among most people. The one described above is called Chondromalacia of the Patella, or Patello-femoral Syndrome.

Knee Pain Symptoms

Chondromalacia is the most form of chronic knee pain, and refers to pain occurring between the knee cap (patella) and the underlying thigh bone (femur). Chondromalacia of the patella causes pain and tenderness in the front of the knee, a symptom which gets worse when getting up after sitting for long periods, or when climbing stairs. Often, people experience a grinding or crunching sensation with this type of knee pain.

Knee Pain Caused by Over-PronationCommon Causes of Knee Pain

Common causes of knee pain include wear and tear that occurs normally with age and/or overuse (e.g. in athletes, tradespeople etc). Softening of the cartilage beneath the knee cap (patella) results in small areas of breakdown and pain around the knee. Instead of gliding smoothly over the knee, the knee cap rubs against the thigh bone (femur) when the knee moves. The changes can range from mild to complete erosion of the cartilage.

Another common cause of knee pain is excessive pronation of the feet. The knee forms the link between the upper and lower leg and is a hinge joint designed to flex and extend the lower leg, not to rotate it. However, when the foot rolls inwards (overpronation), the lower leg is forced to rotate, resulting in improper knee function, inevitably leading to wear and tear to the knee joint. This condition causes long-term damage and pain.

Knee Pain Treatment

Orthotics can reduce knee painFootminders orthotic insoles prevent overpronation and therefore help restore proper knee function.

As a result, one of the major causes of this common type of knee problem has been lifted, thereby reducing or eliminating this type of knee pain.

Other treatment options include include applying ice to the knee, and resting to reduce inflammation. Also, it is recommended to see a physiotherapist.


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