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Massage Along With Arch Support Can Relieve Your Shin Splints

by footminders on Feb 01, 2010

Therapy for shin splints can be difficult when the pain is extreme. Extremely sensitive nerves and inability to place pressure on the lower legs, it is one of the uncomfortable foot conditions. However, with the right treatments, shin splints relief can be a welcomed light at the end of the tunnel. Including the proper use of orthotics and several innovative massage methods, pain relief is possible.

Shin Splints Pain is Caused by Several Factors

Shin splints are the unfortunate resulting injuries that are caused by several major factors:

  • Suffering from flat feet / fallen arches
  • Anterior muscles that are out of shape or tight posterior leg muscles
  • Running on a hard surface or a recent increase of physical activity
  • Working out or wearing ill-fitting shoes including lack of heel cushion or shoes with little support

These factors can become a life-changing injury if your career depends upon your fitness level and being on your feet for long periods of time. In the case of police officers, for example, they must stay fit and strong so they can keep up with their duties. With increased fitness, however, shin splints can quickly cause many problems in the long term.

Orthotics Help Painful Feet in More Ways than One

Several studies have concluded that orthotic devices help relieve shin splints by offering cushioning and arch support. These are a few of the major reasons listed above that can be handled immediately. Using orthotics can alleviate the pain of athletes who experience unusually high impact on their lower legs and feet. These devices diminish the shock to be absorbed into the padding instead of allowing the joints to take in the majority of the shock. For people with flat feet, orthotics made for for sports shoes can be purchased with proper arches so that normal arch support is provided to the feet. Wearing proper arch support is vital to normal foot function.

Stretching and Ice for Shin Splints Pain

More can be done for the lower legs aside from strengthening and stretching the muscles as well as keeping the affected area iced and rested. Massage therapies can make a huge difference in the overall healing time. One recommended exercise is to massage under water. Cool water massage is highly recommended, since it can greatly help to lessen the swelling.

Massage Techniques are the Answer to Shin Splints Pain

One underwater massage method involves first dunking the below the knee area in a bucket with some ice cubes. This will lessen the swelling and also help the nerves to become less irritated. Never press thumbs into the shins, since this can cause a sudden shooting pain in the legs. Instead, with a hand-off approach, have them point their toes and flex their foot under the water. This not only self-massages the inner muscles, but helps bring blood to the area. It also strengthens the anterior areas while stretching the posterior muscles at the same time.

Learn How Massagers Can Relieve Shin Splints Pain

Another massage that helps tremendously for shin splints is the use of a battery-operated or plug-in massager that provides vibration massage. With tossues extremely sensitive to touch, manual massage simply is not advised. Some types enrobe the leg via a neoprene sleeve while others are in the shape of a square and can be placed flat on the floor or on top of the shin. For shortened posterior leg muscles, a roller-type massage machine (handheld) can also be great for massaging calf muscles.

You no longer have to let shin splints keep you out of the action. With the frequent use of orthotics and these two massage techniques; shin splints treatment can be painless and extremely effective.

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