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Toe-Tapping Tips to Prevent Ingrown Toe Nails

by Erik B on Jun 18, 2015

It is amazing how much pain can come from an ingrown toenail. It seems like a little insignificant thing, like a papercut, but any bump, nudge, or rub to it can shoot up excruciating pain. If left untreated, they can also be subject to serious infection. So what can you do to prevent an ingrown toenail from happening to you?

Ingrown toenails usually occur when the toenails haven’t been properly trimmed. Cut your nail straight across, rather than rounding off the corners as you would with your fingernails. Also, wear shoes that are roomy at the toes to allow your nails to grow out instead of being pressed back in. Your feet will thank you. For more tips on how to prevent ingrown toenails, click here:: Preventing ingrown toenails

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