Footminders Review from a flat footer

I am a military veteran of with over 21 years of service. Through out my career I suffered many times of chronic plantar fasciitis, Footminders was the only product that got rid of the plantar fasciitis pain.

I just got back from 3 weeks in France where I walked everywhere, I put the insoles on my sneakers and walk, walk, and walk, including a climb to Montsegur and a speleology expedition to the prehistoric drawings of the Niaux caves, to finish by walking through Paris an average of about 12 hour a day through Paris while doing Photography. All of these while using the footminders orthotics.

This product is better than the custom insoles that I got done while in the Military. If you need foot insoles for low arches or suffer from plantar fasciitis, or just need confy insoles. This is your product.

Carlos V, Florida

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