Footminders® Comfort Technology, designed by podiatrists for maximum walking comfort

Biomechanical Support and Cushioning

Footminders Comfort features Dual Layer Orthotic Technology, a supportive medium-density EVA, combined with a soft 2mm Durapontex layer that makes this a very comfortable orthotic insole, providing support AND cushioning.

Footminders® Comfort Features :

Footminders Comfort is a biomechanical orthotic insole engineered to perfection for ultimate walking comfort with the following features:

  • Suitable for work boots, wide-fitting lace-up shoes, runners, sports, tennis and golf shoes
  • Dual Layer footbed technology: firm EVA + 2mm of soft, cushioning Durapontex
  • Large shock-absorbing Heel Pad
  • Extra-deep heel cup for superior ankle stability
  • High biomechanically-shaped arch support to control over-pronation
  • Metatarsal support to help relieve and prevent Ball of Foot pain
  • Soft, velour-like anti-bacterial top fabric to keep feet dry and cool

Available in the most popular shoe sizes:

Size (US) Men Women
X-SMALL 31/2-5 41/2-6
SMALL 51/2-7 61/2-8
MEDIUM 71/2-9 81/2-10
LARGE 91/2-11 101/2-12
X-LARGE 111/2-13 -

Our Customers Love Our Products!

Just wanted to let you know that I’m so excited about my new orthotics from Footminders. I have used “custom” orthotics for several years and have paid $400-$600 per pair for them. They work great for about a year and then I have to order new ones. The ones I just received from your company are at least as good as those and so much less expensive. I received my first order last week and just ordered 3 more pairs to have in my sandals this summer. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
Pearl Beason - Spiro, Ohio